Patryk Kin

Flying Wild Hog



It all started with the fascination of the image. Patryk did not resist; he followed the call and began to study photography in Milan, Italy. But the still image was not enough, and after successfully completing his studies, he was drawn to the film school of the old master Kieślowski in Katowice to study cinematography. The story “behind” is the driving force behind Patryk’s work. It drives the visual work, in which naturalistically placed lighting and organic camera movements are Patryk’s trademarks. Following his passion for dynamic visuals, he expanded his expertise by working on virtual production projects using LED walls. This experience fueled a natural transition into the game industry, where he joined the talented team at Flying Wild Hog. His work has been recognized internationally, whether at Cannes or the Camerimage festival. Patryk’s latest short film “Into the Night” won at the Warsaw International Film Festival and is now in consideration to be shortlisted for the Oscars. His feature film “Norwagian Dream” is screened internationaly and cand be seen on apple TV, soon premiere would tak place in Poland. Patryk lives in Warsaw. His clients include Mercedes, Volvo, Porsche, Samsung, Huawei, and McDonald’s.