Nik Badovinac


Monetization Designer


Nik finished his undergraduate studies to become a Music Producer but upon completing his Master programme of Business and Organization he was drawn in by the gaming industry. He joined Outfit7 as a Junior, where for almost three years now he’s been honing his monetisation, economy, and system design skills on most of the games in their portfolio, merging his passion for games and knowledge to seek the perfect balance of challenge and fun to deliver the best user experience. Aside from working on improving the already existing games, Nik also tackled a huge economy redesign of a fully IAP-focused mobile game, helped adapt the economy and system for all Outfit7 tamagotchis to bring them to the next level, and worked hard on creating a system for localizing prices throughout all available app stores and countries. In his personal life he is still an avid gamer, but now dedicates more time to his other interests, such as collecting vinyls, gardening, and trying to befriend the neighborhood crows.