Ali Fahra

Star Stable Entertainment

Senior Producer


I am a Senior Game Producer at Star Stable Entertainment AB, a leading developer of immersive online games for girls. – My role focuses on delivering valuable outcomes for the products, emphasizing user satisfaction. – I diligently follow up and resolve any issues affecting our users. I represent the technical planning within the game management for the – Engine, – Tools and – Server teams, And ensure their optimal functioning and health. With a strong background in software testing, I apply my skills in – Construct, – Jira, and – ISTQB certification To ensure the quality and performance of the games. Previously, – I worked as a Test Automation Engineer and Test Leader at Star Stable and Scania Group. – I was responsible for increasing the test coverage, automating the test cases, and reducing defect leakage. I am passionate about – Tech, – Video game development, and – People. I leverage my strong leadership abilities to build high-performing teams, inspire them to think creatively and deliver results that surpass expectations. In addition, – I share my knowledge and experience as a board member and industry representative at Futuregames. – I am a teacher and mentor at The Game Assembly. In terms of education, – I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering. – I have also completed courses in Project Management, Game Design, and Product Management.