Sławomir Bubel

MATABOO, Black Drakkar Games

CEO & Co-Founder


Sławomir “Malfunction” Bubel – has been associated with the gaming industry for over 20 years. A demoscene veteran – he has been actively working as a graphic artist and musician in the ALTAIR group since its inception. He began his professional work with computers by writing articles for Commodore & Amiga and Bajtek magazines, and later worked at SUN Microsystems.


He started his career in the gaming industry with pixel art for the Gameboy Advance platform, through 3D graphics and special effects in games, to creating production teams and developing business related to games.


For several years now, he has been the CEO and co-founder of MATABOO – a company specializing in game co-development, optimization, preparing versions for consoles, and comprehensive support for creators on topics requiring a team of experienced programmers. MATABOO regularly collaborates with renowned companies such as Warner Bros. Games, Rocksteady, GSC Game World, Frogwares, Bloober Team, and The Farm 51.


Co-founder and board member of Black Drakkar Games – a studio that produces games.
Privately, a retro enthusiast and collector of old computers.