Paweł Lekki

EXOR Studios



I am one of the founders and COO of EXOR Studios, where I share many responsibilities, including production, design, marketing and business development. Our most known titles include The Riftbreaker (2021 – PC/PS5/XSX), X-Morph: Defense (2017 – PC/PS4/XBO/Switch), Zombie Driver HD (2012 – PC/PS4/PS3/XBO/X360/Switch/Android), Zombie Driver (2009 – PC), D.I.P.R.I.P. – (2008, PC). I’ve been managing all of EXOR Studios’ product launches for the past +15 years. I’ve also previously worked at Gamelion where I was a producer on multiple large projects including FIFA 07 (Symbian), FIFA 08 (Symbian + N-Gage), Sims 2 Pets (Symbian, N-Gage, Brew), Puzzle Bobble(J2ME) and others. Even before starting my professional career I worked on Half-Life mods and levels for other games. Combining all of this experience I’ve been launching products for more than 20 years since 2000.