Patryk Scelina

Patryk Scelina is a composer, adaptive music designer, and virtual instruments creator who has made his mark primarily in the gaming realm. With notable scores for titles like “Kao the Kangaroo,” “GORD,” “My Memory of Us,” and the edgy “SlavicPunk Oldtimer,” his over a decade-long career has seen him wear multiple hats as a music director, adaptive music designer, and music consultant. Beyond the gaming screen, Scelina’s music finds a home in various TV and Netflix productions worldwide, adding depth to TV shows, documentaries, and trailers through his collaboration with BMG Production Music. In addition to his composition gig, Scelina is the brains behind Sonic Atoms, a sample library development studio. Which became an official partner of Steinberg, one of the major music software developers in the world. Another source of inspiration and great joy for him is teaching. Scelina shares his passion with students as a lecturer at The University of Lower Silesia and The Karol Lipiński Academy of Music in Wrocław.