Maria Mazur


Quest Designer


CDPR born and raised – Maria’s story in gamedev began back in 2018, when she joined Gwent’s QA team on a whim, with no previous experience, as a “fun adventure” sort of thing. The plan was to get the bragging rights to “oh, guess who once worked with the Witcher people” and move on with a “serious” career plan. However, in an attempt to score a bunch of COOL points to use in the CORPO lifepath (not to mention, an epic pick-up line), Maria happened to unwittingly stumble upon one of her greatest passions to date – narrative design. She learned the ropes of Quality Assurance while supporting the (best game ever) Thronebreaker project (2018) and Cyberpunk 2077 (2020), primarily in the Narrative area – to eventually switch to the design side of game development in 2021. Ever since then, Maria has been working as a Quest Designer, most notably on the Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty expansion (2023). Serves as an unsolicited volleyball commentator, the designated chef for family and friends and the sure go-to for hours-long classical music rants.