Dariusz Furman


You don’t need to be big to run successful Live ops. Live operating the game in 2023

Speaker’s bio


The entire professional life is associated with free-to-play games as a service. Running a self-funded company with success since 2018. Currently operating games: Miners Settlement, Almighty. Has designed, developed, and released five games for the mobile market. Finalist of Microsoft Imagine Cup Poland 2015 in games category as a team: “Vivid Dream.” Currently, growing the business further after the first investment round.
Game dev is a hobby!


Speech description


Learnings on how to run successful live ops for mobile games, even in small teams. We will discuss the strategies and tools for managing live events and updates in 2023. We will try to highlight the importance of automation in streamlining processes and how a data-driven approach can help in making informed decisions.

The community is the heart of your game, so how to leverage it effectively? The latest trends and best practices in the live operation of games in 2023.