Digital Dragons Arena: Young Talents

Submit your project

Present your video game project to potential investors and publishers from all over the world - fly high with Digital Dragons! Take part in a special edition of the Digital Dragons Arena designed for student teams.

Where & when

10.10.2024, 12.00 pm, Zoom platform

For whom

Young teams from all over the world whose members have student or graduate status



Recruitment continues until 02.09.2024

Why is it worth it?


You will learn how to prepare a pitchdeck well and pitch in front of an audience - the skilled Digital Dragons team will help you with this

Publishers & Investors

You will present your project in front of publishers, investors and potential business partners who can give you wings


You will enter the Digital Dragons community and keep up to date with our upcoming support programmes for game developers


For investors and publishers

If you are looking for investment opportunities or want to enrich your game portfolio with the most promising projects from young developers, be sure to attend this Digital Dragons Arena session!


  • teams will be perfectly prepared for pitching thanks to classes with our team
  • we will select the best from among the submissions, so that you can get to know the material of the highest quality
  • thanks to the geographical breadth of the project, you will gain access to material that your competitors have not yet heard of


Rules and regulations