Artur Szymański

Simteract S.A.

Art Director


Artur Szymański is a 3d art generalist and mathematician who always wanted to find a way to combine graph theory and computer graphics. Therefore, Houdini is his dream software. Artur got his degree in mathematics at Krakow University of Science and Technology. At the same time, he trained himself in computer graphics. He started as an asset maker, then an animator for commercials and short films (among them award-winning “Level”). Artur has worked as an Art Director at Simteract for over seven years. He has been leading the graphic team for Simteract, counting over 15 team members. He was responsible for art and technical art vision for games like Train Life or Taxi Life (published by Nacon) and unannounced Project Prodigy (published by Astragon). He’s an expert on using real-world open data to generate huge worlds automatically, including detailed cities (like 1:1 Barcelona in Taxi Life). With over a dozen games he worked on and 20 years of professional experience, he is learning new things about Houdini and Unreal Engine daily.