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What is DD Arena?

Digital Dragons Arena is a regular event, a space for carefully selected studios that are actively seeking publishers, investors and media to showcase their promising project.


Digital Dragons Arena was born at Digital Dragons Conference (and is still hosted here today).


The event is held in a variety of formats - desktop or remote - with both global and local editions, as exemplified by Chile in Games.


It is now an experience for all those looking for game funding, opening up to the various themes and identities of the game industry.

For whom?

Digital Dragons Arena is addressed to investors and publishers looking for new projects and/or codevelopers. But also, to media and industry influencers that are looking for interesting games to share with their communities. 


Digital Dragons Incubator & Accelerator team strives to create the broadest possible overview of games each time it analyses the submitted pitchdecks, making DD Arena a diverse place in terms of genre, theme and platforms for which games are to be released.

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Why is it worth to be with us?

Great opportunity to find a new, interesting project 

Discover new indie games to engage your community even more

Carefully selected studios with promising projects

Short, specific, and well-prepared pitches

More studios and projects in the Libretto

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